Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Wedding season 2013 is in full swing, and trends abound this year as much as they did last year. This year, one of the trends that stands out the most are different boutonnieres on whatever the guys are wearing. Whether a casual beach wedding or an elegant affair at church, all grooms, groomsmen, and special male family members are usually outfitted with boutonnieres to denote their importance to the event.


Traditionally, a groom has worn a flower on his lapel to match the colors of his bride's bouquet and her overall décor. However, boutineers like all other wedding elements are changing to include more of the groom's desires as he becomes more and more involved in the wedding planning process.


Wedding season 2013 brings lots more wearable flowers for men and women alike. Brides are seen wearing flowers in their hair and flower girls may have special skirt or sash flowers. Exotic blossoms and non-traditional foliage are paired with the usual suspects this season to create visual interest and defined lines. We are seeing all these trends for boutonniere as well.


Floral designers have been challenged and have succeded in “manning up” personal flowers for the guys. Boutonniere can represent personality by showcasing the groom's hobbies and intertests. Elements like suede, bark, brass and animal feathers are used to ground the pieces with more masculine tones. Earthy substances like pinecones, acorns, and cotton are used in the same way. Thistle, succulents and herbs still set the men's flowers apart while blending with the ladies.


Boutonniere are worn to set these special men apart from other wedding participants, and this year's floral trends do a great job in representing a man's point of view.

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