Wednesday, July 06, 2016

Here at Mr. Burch Formal Wear, we've seen a few proms. Prom season is one of our favorite times of the year.  We stay busy keeping up with the latest fashions and really enjoy seeing new faces. After being in business almost 80 years, you pick up a few things. We'd like to share some of our favorite tips for prom.

Plan Ahead

Once you are certain you're attending prom, plan ahead. Be sure and reserve your tuxedo early. Try to get in to see us and get measured at least 2 weeks in advance. Every prom is scheduled between March and May. We serve a lot of high schools. You don't want to get caught at the last minute without the size or color you need. Planning isn't just for the tuxedo. There are almost 1,000 kids in the Junior and Senior class at Hoover High School. That's a lot of dinners for 40 square miles. Be sure and make your dinner reservation in advance as well.

Ask Your Date

"Gentlemen, be sure and ask your date what type of corsage she would like," says Greg from our Mountain Brook Store. Some ladies will prefer a wrist corsage because of a strapless dress. Instead of guessing, just ask her. If possible, you want to get a swatch of her dress as well. This will help you with trying to match your accessories.  "Cell phone photos can be very misleading. If you're trying to match, a swatch of material is best," says Greg.

Tuxedo Tips

Most young men don't normally wear a tuxedo so there are few things to keep in mind.  "Make sure you try everything on before you're ready to head to prom," advises Barbara at our Hoover location.  You already know to reserve early but be aware of hidden fees.  Don't get caught paying a rush fee because you didn't come in early or weren't paying attention.  Barbara says, "Your tuxedo coat is worn open so your vest and tie can show."  You'll be glad you got a swatch of your date's dress.  Also, remember to keep up with your coat.  With all the excitement and dancing, it's normal to remove your coat during the prom.  Just be sure to keep up with it so you can return it later. And most importantly, never pay full price for your rental.  Use the coupon below for $50 off or ask one of our employees about the referral program so you can get your tuxedo for free.


Wednesday, July 06, 2016

The cummerbund is a traditional alternative to a vest or waist-coat, first adopted by the British military during the occupation of India. Today, it is largely a piece of formal-wear used in tuxedos or similarly dressy men's attire. Many men will have never seen one until they rent a tuxedo and may be confused about how to correctly wear it. It may seem an odd little bit of fabric, but it is quite easy to handle.
Research the occasion. Formal dinner parties have different dress requirements than weddings, and the rules of fashion tend to change around major holidays. Certain colors of cummerbunds are reserved for Christmas. Also, consider the time of day. If you're attending a function before five p.m., you may be required to wear morning dress. In this case, you would forgo the cummerbund for a waistcoat.
1. Wear a cummberbund that matches your tie. It is a style faux pas to wear a mismatching cummberbund and tie. Choose an appropriate-color cummerbund. Simple, solid colors are the most elegant and safest bet. For weddings, you can choose a color that complements your tie or handkerchief. A good rule of thumb is to wear black if you're unsure.
2. Wear a single-breasted jacket with your cummberbund. Single-breasted jackets are always worn with either a vest or a cummberbund, but not both. The jackets are most often worn open to show the cummberbund. Do not wear a belt if you are wearing a cummberbund.
3. Wear trousers with a high waist that will be completely covered by the cummerbund. The cummerbund provides a transition between shirt and waist. It is considered tacky to have an exposed waistband while wearing a cummerbund.
4. Attach the cummerbund snugly around your middle with the pleats facing up. This gives a somewhat slimming effect. The reason the pleats face up is a hold-over from late Victorian England, when gentlemen would tuck theater ticket stubs into the pleats of their cummerbunds.
Always remember that any of the amazing customer service specialists at all of our locations are happy to help you in any way. Just contact Mr. Burch with any questions you might have. Use the coupon above for a $50 discount on your tuxedo for prom.